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Supply chain management - Bose Corporation case study - Essay Example

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The firm produces and supplies a number of products; commercial broadcast systems, audio speakers for automobiles and high-fidelity systems. Bose Corporation has plants in…
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Supply chain management - Bose Corporation case study
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Download file to see previous pages Being a customer driven company, Bose has adopted a refined transport system which is deemed to be among best systems in the country. The EDI system always operates close to the real time. In addition, it supports two-way communication between every party of freight handlers in 230 terminals. Bose, therefore, performs analysis on shipping and distribution easily since information in the system is updated automatically several times in a day. Thus, with this system, the company is in a position to lower the total costs in various scenarios.
Bose Corporation has an effective supply chain management system that has come a long way to lower the operational costs in the organization. The company uses the latest or rather the modern technology to develop and update these systems. Thus, it has control and can instantly monitor all the shipping of its supplies to over 200 terminals due to the effectiveness in communication between the terminals and the head office. In addition, these systems applies to all the transactions that take place between the organization and its suppliers; JIT system is functional for such transactions since the individual who can be perfect in managing inventories is the supplier himself.
Strategy development process at Bose Corporation can be effectively implemented due to the company’s functional systems. Implementation of any strategy in any organization involves all the stakeholders; customers, suppliers and the organization itself. The EDI system at Bose Corporation supports a two-way communication which makes communication effective. Thus, implementation of a strategy or any changes in the organization can take effect with ease as all the company’s stakeholders can easily be reached at once.
Bose Corporation’s priority is the purchased quality. Being a customer-driven company, the organization’s key goal is to deliver ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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