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International Business Strategies: for BP Oil Company Restoration and clean up - Research Paper Example

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As the company dates back to the early 19’s, it rapidly gained dominance in the Oil production line, and thus grew overwhelmingly, to the point…
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International Business Strategies: for BP Oil Company Restoration and clean up
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Download file to see previous pages , for safety and excellence, it occasionally proved hugely difficult for the company to keep to this, as it was surrounded by changing individuals, and the change of occasions as well.
On particular scenario whereby the company played part was when vessels ferrying oil were involved in an oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. In a move to counter the spill and try to control it, hordes of airboats, army trucks, and helicopters took part. The procedure was inevitable, as the oil had to be cleaned up somehow (Cox, 2009). Environmentalists revealed that the spills, and the methods used to counter the spill by the Company, and other relevant parties to the situation would end up causing more harm than good, if relevant measures were not taken up.
BP Company resulted to making use of chemical dispersants, which would counter the effect of the spill. Dispersants added to specific suspensions, would dissipate oil slicks. The method dispersed large amounts of particular oil types and substances from the surface of the sea. These oil impurities and other substances would break-up from the water, which would then dilute rapidly. Laboratory research and findings discovered that the use of these dispersants was liable, to increasing toxics in the fish by a relatively huge percentage, and would consequently result to rendering many fish eggs unproductive (Freudenburg, 2011).
The company worked under the federal government instructions to compensate those hugely affected by the spill. The government on its side, would work on funding these response activities, as BP Company, went down to facilitate that the state of normalcy would quickly be regained. The company would conduct experiments, in aim of finding the most suitable restoration and cleanup procedures to put into place for the exercise (Chiang, 2010).
Politics, or rather politicians, had their role too in this. Some in particular would come up with measures they thought fit to stop the prevalence of the spill any further ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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