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Management Leadership and its Objectives - Case Study Example

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The reporter underlines that as in any organization that is in business, those that run it are out to benefit the organization by achieving all its objectives. The management of an organization is given the task of ensuring that the goals and targets are attained…
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Management Leadership and its Objectives
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Download file to see previous pages The introduction and involvement of certain procedures ensure that the organization is up to par with all the standards required to give the organization, and all its stakeholders what they truly desire. This paper will review some of the techniques, and how they might affect the running of an organization.
In an organization, it is possible for management to have adequate information that may enable the organization to achieve its success (DeCarlo, 2010). Communication RASCI is an acronym that is used to depict the communicative nature that should be used in each and every organization. The understanding of such methods and techniques are required so as to ensure the continued success of the organization. It is mainly advocated for since it helps management in ensuring that tasks and programs run as they should. Misunderstanding of all the techniques associated with RASCI can lead to the downfall of any organization (Grisham, 2011).
Communication RASCI in an organization is the foundation of any organization. The communication of information is usually for the benefit of the organization. The RASCI technique indicates that a person should be assigned the task to communicate to all others. The importance of this is that there will be a constant asset that can be counted on to communicate information to all others. That is the responsibility that is represented by the R.
The A is for the accountability required in communication. Being accountable is the most required asset that is needed to communicate to staff members. They are accountable for the communication of information that aids in the running of the organization (DeCarlo, 2010). If anything goes wrong with the communication process, the individuals in the organization are the ones accountable for the fault. If the communication process goes well, the individuals are also accountable for the positive outcome of the communication process.
Doing the real work is what is represented by the S. It means being supportive of all the communication processes that are required in the organization. If the process is flawed, it is impossible for normal procedures and processes to be conducted. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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