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Exploring Proper Use of APA Style - Essay Example

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It is a problem in higher education institutions and it has been accelerated by increased rate of internet use. In many colleges and universities it is illegal to plagiarize and…
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Exploring Proper Use of APA Style
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Extract of sample "Exploring Proper Use of APA Style"

Download file to see previous pages All the sources and works used in certain writing must be cited to acknowledge the authors (Bloch 210).
Citing the sources of the information written by a student in an assignment depend on the style that a person wishes to use for the assignment. The styles include MLA, APA, Harvard and others and all of them are cited differently (Pecorari 324). All of them require citations after each phrase or sentences that are taken from other sources. In a paper or assignment cited in the APA style, the students must include the author’s sir name and the year of publication in the in text and in the references, details of the books, articles or other sources used should be included (Currie 15).
Determining where to put the citations has been a problem to many students in higher learning institutions. Students should have knowledge of all types of citation styles to avoid skipping on important areas which requires citations. Author’s sir name should be included in the in text of all citation styles. Students should do lots of tests to enhance their knowledge on places where they should put their citations (Bloch 219).
To effectively avoid plagiarism, students must be fully aware of what is plagiarism and the effects it can bring in their academic lives. Students can avoid plagiarism by taking careful and organized notes during lecture times and when they are reading from books, articles and other sources. They should be sure to include citations after each phrase or sentence taken from those sources (Hall 34).
Students should manage their time effectively so that they can have enough time to do their assignments. It is clear that students who do their assignment in the last moment have the tendency to plagiarize so that they can meet their deadlines. Time management helps the students to finish their quality assignment without plagiarizing. A person must be aware of when and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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