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The present essay "Strategic uses of information technology" concerns the use of IT in the marketing sphere. Admittedly, the success of the business will depend on the IT strategy which is used to improve internal processes and communicate with the global world…
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Strategic uses of information technology
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"Strategic uses of information technology"

Download file to see previous pages The strategic uses of IT in the organization aimed at improving the internal processes, improving the firm’s products and relationships with customers or communication and maintaining relationships with other business partners. Information technology refers to modern communication systems and information processing technologies which help the management in decision making (Hughes, 2008). Information technology is necessary for the business since it helps the management in decision making. Information technology helps the business to achieve a competitive edge since it can be used for development of new products or differentiate already existing products and services. The information technology is necessary since it can help the business to increase the global market share and reduce the operating costs. Information technology also enables businesses to maintain working relationships with customers and other business stakeholders. Information technology enhances the service delivery process since digital products can be delivered with ease. Information technology can also enhance the reputation and public image of the business. Information technology allows for online advertisements through websites and social networking sites which are an effective method of attracting new customers (Hughes, 2008).The innovation of information technology has enabled the businesses to develop new products like the Modems which are used to access internet connectivity. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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