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Assignment 2: Leadership Assessment - Essay Example

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Leadership Assessment Name Institutional Affiliation Leadership Assessment 1. Analysis of the Leadership Style(s) of a Senior Executive (CEO, CFO, COO, Director) in Current or Previous Organization who made a Positive or Negative Impact One remembers a Director of a significant program (the Business Research and Development Program) in an academic institution where one was previously affiliated with, who made a significantly positive impact for several reasons…
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Assignment 2: Leadership Assessment
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"Assignment 2: Leadership Assessment"

Download file to see previous pages Third, he is unselfish, warm, kind, committed to the ideals of the organization and the program he heads; as well as pursues endeavors that ensure growth and development of all his constituents, while achieving the identified program goals (which are also consistent with the mission, vision, and values of the academe). These collaborative personality traits, style, commitment and adherence to the ideals and philosophies of the program and of the organization made him an effective and successful leader. Initially, he was only assigned as the program director, but his charisma and people skills eventually made him the Dean of the College of Business of the academic institution one was previously part of. His approachable stance made communicating with him easy and readily accessible from various levels of the organizational hierarchy. As such, he could address the most trivial information or attend to the most challenging issue with ease and determination. The most memorable positive impact he made was to earmark a career plan for all subordinates for professional growth through suggesting pursuing higher education or taking higher courses to hone respective knowledge, skills, and abilities in chosen endeavors. 2. Analysis of the Organizational Structure and Culture of the Company to Determine its Approach to Team Development, and whether that Approach Helped to Enhance Relationship Skills in the Workplace. The organization mentioned was an academic institution where in the Director spearheaded the Business Research and Development Program (BRDP) of which one was a research associate. There were two other research associates aside from me who report directly to the Director (and eventually who became Dean of the College of Business). Therefore, the Dean and Director of BRDP head the college and oversees all functions including Administration, Faculty, Student Affairs, Affiliate Programs (of which BRDP is part of), Finance and Accounting. Thus, the organizational structure was explicitly communicated and disseminated to all personnel to assist in identifying the chain of command and the respective authorities of power. Likewise, since this is an academic institution, the culture was predominantly collaborative and participative; where professional growth and development of all personnel and students are of paramount concern. The approach to team development commences from the mission and vision statement, values and philosophies, as well as focus on members’ advancement in knowledge, skills, and abilities through regular training and attending various educational programs (through the BRDP). As such, there is an annual performance evaluation that gauges the personnel’s skills and competencies in their respective roles and responsibilities. Each is required to undergo continued training and development, undertake advanced courses, delve into various research studies, and pursue higher education. Thus, relationship skills are further developed and cohesiveness and teambuilding was appropriately established. 3. Evaluation of the Performance of Selected Leader based on Ethical Conduct and Effective Communication to determine if this Leader was Successful in Motivating and Empowering ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Assignment 2: Leadership Assessment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words)
Assignment 2: Leadership Assessment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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