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Coffee tree genome sequenced - Essay Example

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it is one of the largest family of sequenced angiosperms. According to a recent rubiaceae report, the genome is 155 189 bp lengthwise and has close to 25 943 bp inverted repeats…
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Coffee tree genome sequenced
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Download file to see previous pages The accessibility of the absolute chloroplast genome enables an interagency spacer that can utilize genetic engineering that will improve the crop.
I think the author of the article intends to report a complete sequence of the coffee chloroplast other than documenting the technological methods using new genome sequencing. The information will also compare genomic organization in lieu with phylogentic relationships of coffee with other angiosperms
This article brings into focus the issue of DNA proteins in humans and genetic engineering. This is because the topic will tackle chloroplast genetic engineering of the chloroplast genome coffee. Samson et al. (342) state that coffee is one of the crucial cash crops in the world. The world consumes nearly 3 billion cups of coffee every day. The crop is second to oil in terms of foreign exchange value in many developing countries. Coffee belongs to the Rubicae family specifically of the angiosperms. The two species of coffea include Arabica and rubica . Worldwide, people use the former due to its quality and fragrance while it remains vulnerable to pest and diseases such as nematodes, coffee berry borers, fungus among others. Researchers reckon a need to improve coffee Arabica in terms of its resistance to pests like the coffea canephora that causes plenty of damage to the tree mortality and the coffee trees.
Some researchers have managed to perform successful genetic coffee engineering. Some of the genetic engineering included the simultaneous cultivation of c. Arabica protoplasts in conjunction with different genes.
I think the researchers acquired somatic embryos of c. Arabica through electroporation method that enabled them to combine other genes. I find that the researchers went ahead to try out different integrations in a bid to acquire a c. Arabica resistant type. It seems the efforts were in futility until they acquired ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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