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This change, is believed to be caused mostly by increased human activities and industrialization, has affected not only the vegetation, human beings but also animals. This includes domestic, wild animals, both…
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Download file to see previous pages The Cycopus Bear is a hairy mammal, in the family of Ursidae. Its body is not large as the common bear. The male bear has brown grey hairy skin with a white strip on the rib sides along the stomach, the tip of the tail, ears and two ticks like white marks on the cheeks below the nose. The female Cycopus bear is dark grey and is more hairy compared to the male (( Hill & Gordon, Pg. 67).
The Cycopus bear does not have horns. They have slightly a stocky leg that enables them to sometimes stand on the back two legs. Their paws have claw like nails. A mature Cycopus bear can weight to about 50 - 55 Kg. The lifespan of theses bear extends to even 45 years in a favorable habitant. Just like most mammals, the Cycopus bear gives birth to young ones, within a gestation period of 3 months, and feed their young ones by mammary glands (Kingsolver, 45).
This mammal creature is a vertebra. Its body is proportional, with two fore limbs and two back limbs. Standing at a fairly flat ground, this animal will appear to be slightly slanting from the head backwards. This body formationtentatively assists the animal to stand and even walk at its back limps especially when tracing an enemy from a distance ( Hill & Gordon, Pg. 43). This kind of bear has a closed circulatory system, where blood flows in veins and arteries. It has four chambered heart, with all parts of the body connected to the circulatory system by veins, arteries and capillaries which assist in the transportation of blood and oxygen fort respiration.
The Cycopus bear also undergo hibernation, where their pulse rate drops below the normal rate. This is done especially in dry season, with diverse conditions enabling the animal to survive comfortably for about 15 days without feeding. This kind of animal, being a mammal has a digestive system closely similar to that of a human being. Cycopus bear is an omnivore which can both feed of soft leaves or grass, and even hunt small animals like insects, worms and flies. It ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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