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Does obesity reshape our sense of taste - Essay Example

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The article begins by confirming the notion that obesity changes the way people taste and goes further to support it by indicating that the only way this happens is through altering how different tongues react to different foods. This is the basis of the rest of the article…
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Does obesity reshape our sense of taste
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Extract of sample "Does obesity reshape our sense of taste"

Download file to see previous pages ng to the results, the average-weight mice were able to taste the sweetness unlike the overweight where only a few from the sample had few taste cells hence their reaction was very weak (Hacker 1). However, not all the overweight mice gave a response to the sweetness.
The results from the mice experiment clearly shows that obesity changes a person’s relation to food but it still does not explain how this happens. Relatively, Kyle goes a step further to explore this aspect by referring to past studies that analyze how obesity leads to alterations of brain and nerves that control the tongue and cells of tasting in the human system. The article states out that most of the studies consider all the above factors but none has ever discussed widely about the tongue cells; those that interact with what people eat (Hacker 1). Based on this argument, Kyle puts to light that the taste cells are the first to encounter the effects of obesity, which is evident from the findings from the journal that the overweight mice had minimal taste cells affecting their response. As part of the conclusion, the article states out that the explanations given from most of the studies lack clarity on how changes in taste embolden obesity; however, one clear thing is that most overweight people have an extreme craving for sweet and salty food yet average or slim people detect the stimuli of such food better. Largely, a cause for this might be the fact that the overweight mice consume more sweets than the average weight mice to get an equal satisfaction of the sweetness.
Resolutely, the article encourages a study of the topic because establishing a clear relationship between sense of taste, plumpness and desire for food would form a good platform for coming up with new strategies that encourage healthier diets (Hacker 1). Additionally, an utter comprehension on how the taste cells increase or decrease creates an opportunity to reverse the process or even treatment especially due to the factor ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Does Obesity Reshape Our Sense of Taste Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words)
Does Obesity Reshape Our Sense of Taste Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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