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Analysis of Two Related Chapters from David Sloan Wilson's Evolution for Everyone - Essay Example

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The author examines Wilson’s Evolution for Everyone: How Darwin’s Theory Can Change the Way We Think about Our Lives, 3d and 4th chapter which defines a mode of perceiving evolution through thinking about it and proving that evolution can explain the intelligent design of workings of the universe.    …
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Analysis of Two Related Chapters from David Sloan Wilsons Evolution for Everyone
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Extract of sample "Analysis of Two Related Chapters from David Sloan Wilson's Evolution for Everyone"

Download file to see previous pages The third chapter – aptly christened Third Way of Thinking- dwells on the idea of natural selection and its infinite explanatory breadth Wilson infers that evolution is not only limited to the earlier human origins and dinosaurs as it is commonly perceived. Besides attempting to provide a plausible explanation for the origin of life, evolution also heavily impacts the behavior of species. Evolution holds the key to understanding the behavior of all species including the bizarre infanticide tendencies of particular species.
The third chapter of Wilson’s Evolution for Everyone lays the foundation for “the power of natural selection thinking” (Wilson 19). To demonstrate the power of this line of thinking, Wilson dwells on the socially undesirable practice of infanticide. Since the concept of natural selection is driven by the need to have offsprings, then killing the offsprings is automatically out of question (Wilson 19). However, Wilson reveals that there exist certain environmental situations which make infanticide to be desirable. According to Wilson, such possibilities like uncertain parentage, poor offspring and lack of sufficient resources create justification for infanticide among some species.
In the fourth chapter of the text, Wilson proceeds to justify what he termed as the “third way of thinking” in the previous chapter. The third way of thinking is just but a simple phrase that Wilson uses to urge the reader to be flexible enough in their thinking to accommodate even the most remote of thoughts that indeed natural selection is responsible for the formation of the world as it currently is through contributing to all the behavioral outcomes of all the species in the universe. While still pursuing possible reasons that make infanticide to be a rational outcome, Wilson eventually derives his proof from the behavior of burying beetles. The Prove It chapter explains the possible reasons behind the actions of infanticide by a species – the burying beetles. Wilson reveals that this species opts to regulate its brood size purely based on the food resources that are available.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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