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Pseudoscience: the Scientific Fiasco of the Century - Essay Example

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This research paper “Pseudoscience: the Scientific Fiasco of the Century” aims to examine and analyze the article “Align to Yourself, Support Your Children!” for features or claims consistent with red flags or qualities that may indicate pseudoscience…
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Pseudoscience: the Scientific Fiasco of the Century
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Extract of sample "Pseudoscience: the Scientific Fiasco of the Century"

Download file to see previous pages Whereas pseudoscience seeks out evidence in order to support claims it makes, science seeks to challenge claims and identify evidence to falsify its claims. In short, while science seeks falsifications, pseudoscience seeks confirmations. Corresponding differences exist in the form of claims proposed by pseudoscience and science (Wilson, 2010). For example, whereas scientific claims are falsifiable, pseudoscience claims fit with all observable outcomes imaginable. Thus, while scientific claims can be tested, pseudoscience claims cannot be tested. This paper aims to examine and analyze the article “Align to Yourself, Support Your Children!” for features or claims consistent with red flags or qualities that may indicate pseudoscience.
One of the features of pseudoscience present in the article is anachronistic thinking, in which the argument is supported by ancient wisdom, despite the fact that these ancients used outmoded scientific methodology and terminology (Huizenga, 1993). In this case, the article claims that the lower three chakras still control our collective consciousness, using it as a reason why autistic children experience difficulties being in the present world (Miller, 2011). The chakras are found in Hindu and tantric belief systems and are part of the subtle body through which vital energy moves. The article’s objective, as a result, sets out to seek mysteries, compared to science that sets out to solve mysteries. By using the chakras to explain the behaviors of autistic children, the article is emphatic on the existence of mysteries in the condition. This position makes the claims in the article sterile because, by definition, mysteries cannot be solved and, therefore, it makes the claims un-testable and irrefutable using normal scientific methodology. This claim is also an appeal to myth, which is another feature of pseudoscience (Huizenga, 1993). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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