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Effects of Temperature on Potato Catalase Activity - Essay Example

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This is because hydrogen peroxide has been identified as a key component in the tissue decomposition. An experiment done by Appleman, which involved the…
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Effects of Temperature on Potato Catalase Activity
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Download file to see previous pages In most cases, the catalase enzyme reacts with the hydrogen peroxide thus converting it into water and oxygen.
To determine the effects of temperature on potato catalase, an experiment was done. To begin with, the potato was grated using a nutmeg grater while making sure that the grated surface frequently is exposed to the calcium carbonate. Thereafter, grinding of the pulp in a mortar, which had some quartz sand for about two minutes, was done. The pulp extract was placed in between an absorbent cotton and cheesecloth to get rid of the water. Thereafter, it was placed in a glass bottle with cold water. This was followed by placing it in a water bath at 200C. Five cubic centimeters of Oakland together with a three percent hydrogen peroxide was added immediately the mixture attained the water bath temperature. Shaking should continue to make sure the effect covers the whole mixture.
In most experiments the catalase enzyme is destroyed at temperatures ranging between 660 C and 780 C. however, in a situation involving a potato catalase enzyme, destruction begins at 500 C. There is a correlation in the VANT HOFF velocity coefficient for hemase (Bunzell & Kenyon, 1933). It reads 1.5 in the potato catalase between 0 and 100 C. temperatures above 200 C already start to destroy the catalase enzyme, which in conjunction with the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide makes it difficult to keep the enzymes alive. This is because of the real and total destruction that happens to the catalase enzyme. Hydrogen impurities do not hinder its destruction even under medium temperatures.
In the experiment, it is very clear that temperature is the independent variable while both the potato and hydrogen peroxide are the dependant variables. They are dependent on temperature of which has to take place in the glass bottle or a test tube in that matter. The amount of hydrogen peroxide, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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