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Water Transport Laboratory - Lab Report Example

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The initial idea was to determine the effects of water availability on xylem conduct diameter and hydraulic conductivity. After collecting…
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Water Transport Laboratory
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Download file to see previous pages With water being carried from the root, the plant has a consistency of water so it does not die out. Variations in xylem conduit diameter can change the effectiveness of the conducting system. Even a small increase in diameter has exponential effects on hydraulic conductivity. In this experiment, it was determined how the location of where a plant grows affects the diameter of the sample. If the hypothesis does not prove to be correct, then it is expected the data to show no change in diameters, or dry land samples having a greater diameter length than wet land samples.
In order to do this experiment efficiently, a method must be understood. To locate the Red Maple trees used in this lab, the lab group trekked the area near the Soccer fields for a stream with flows through the woods up towards the Hillside Dorms. From there the group collected samples from the wet and dry locations. The samples were taken from trees that were 5-8 feet off the ground. The group will collect a total of 12 different stems replicated from the wet area and 12 stem replicates from an area near the hills that reside in a dryer climate (See Fig.1). Then test statistics will be used, such as the average xylem diameter, and the results will be compared between both environmental types.
In order to obtain the xylem diameters, the group needs to prepare microscope slides of a cross section of the stem. After observing the xylem, measure the xylem conduits per stem (5-10 stems from different plants). Measure 2-3 xylem conduits per sample and average for one data point. When measuring the conduits, the largest diameter and the diameter perpendicular to the line will be averaged.
To obtain the hydraulic conductivity, is simple. Collect branches that will be measured and wrap in wet paper towel. Submerge the branch under water, cut a 2-4 cm segment of the stem 9with at least 2 cm pruned end of the branch) Measure step length (l). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Water Transport Laboratory Lab Report Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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