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Animal Growth Hormones - Essay Example

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The author gives a summary and a response to the article entitled "Hormones In Food: Should You Worry?". The author states that the use of growth hormone is not actually harmful, but it would be better if people consider reproducing food through the natural method. …
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Animal Growth Hormones
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Extract of sample "Animal Growth Hormones"

Download file to see previous pages On a positive note, the FDA has not yet approved the selling of the genetically modified salmon in the market (“Hormones In Food: Should You Worry?” 2011).
The salmon is patented under the company AquaBounty. Now, if for instance, FDA approves the application of AquaBounty for its genetically modified salmon, this will be for the first time in history that people will serve genetically modified fish on their plates since fruits and vegetables that have been genetically modified are already present at the market. The effect of growth hormones on human health is not yet proven. Hence, one cannot say, at the moment, whether these growth hormones are harmful or beneficial to humans. Looking back, during the year 1993, the FDA approved the use of recombinant bovine growth hormones (rBGH) in cows to increase their production of milk, a move that was criticized by some consumer groups. Today, the issue of animal growth hormones is alive again, thanks to AquaBountys gigantic salmon (“Hormones In Food: Should You Worry?” 2011).
The risks to human health of the so-called rBGH in cows have been said to have no negative impact, similar to the one used in genetically engineering of the salmon. However, the main concern here is on the possible effects of the manipulation of growth hormones in cows or salmons to the increase of another hormone, and that is the insulin-like growth factor (IGF), a hormone that is able to negatively simulate the impact of human growth hormones. As a matter of fact, studies have discovered that milk obtained from cows with rBGH has more IGF compared to the regular cow's milk. Furthermore, research has found out that higher blood level of IGF is at high risks of breast, prostate, and other types of human cancer (“Hormones In Food: Should You Worry?” 2011).  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Animal Growth Hormones Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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