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2010 Earthquake in Haiti - Research Paper Example

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5). Many types of disasters occur every year throughout the globe. Disasters could ever be natural or man-made. Natural disasters are frequently erratic and may transpire in an…
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2010 Earthquake in Haiti
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Download file to see previous pages It could either be natural or man-made, which can be equally damaging to life and property. An earthquake is an example of a disaster that could be perilous to mankind. This paper aspires to tackle the concepts regarding an earthquake focusing primarily on the 2010 Earthquake that transpired in Haiti. Moreover, it deems to know its impact to the people.
An earthquake is one of the most frightening of all natural disasters as emphasized by Connolly (2004). Hundreds of thousands of people can die in a single earthquake (Connolly, 2004). Both Connolly (2004) and Roza (2007) highlighted that a powerful earthquake can destroy buildings, cause landslides, open deep cracks in the earth’s surface and even change the course of mighty rivers. This damage can lead to serious problems according to Connolly (2004), such as fires, gas explosions, floods and power outrages. One of the most alarming things about earthquakes as Connolly (2004) had pointed out is that no one can say precisely when or where they will happen. Although it is a daunting task to identify when or where an earthquake may take place, people can know how earthquakes transpire and what causes them; this is explored in a branch of science known as seismology that studies everything about earthquakes.
The earth consists of numerous layers. Human beings live on the outer layer known as the crust. Although the crust is several miles thick, it is very thin compared to the whole planet. It is illustrated by Connolly (2004) as the cracked shell of a hard-boiled egg made up of many pieces that fit together. These pieces are labeled as plates which float on the surface of a layer of magma.
The gaps where the plates meet are known as faults. The plates are persistently moving against each other along the faults. Usually, human beings do not notice this gradual movement. However, plates can also get stuck as they attempt to move past each ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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2010 Earthquake in Haiti Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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