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Scientific Taxonomy and Earths Biodiversity Paper - Essay Example

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They have the fastest speed across the land of any currently living animal, although this speed can only be maintained in short bursts.
Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes): Widespread throughout the northern…
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Scientific Taxonomy and Earths Biodiversity Paper
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"Scientific Taxonomy and Earths Biodiversity Paper"

Download file to see previous pages Bees produce honey from the nectar that they collect from flowers, which they store and return to the hive.
Monarch butterfly (Danaus plexippus): A North American butterfly which has also been found in both New Zealand and Australia. It has a wingspan of between three and four inches and has a distinct pattern of orange and black on its wings.
Rufous Hummingbird (Selasphorus rufus): A species of hummingbird that is present throughout North America, it is small around three inches in length and has a straight bill. Like other species of hummingbird, the birds hover as they collect nectar from flowers a unique feature among birds.
Melon Sea Urchin (Echinus melo): Small, globular marine animals that are covered in spines, growing up to seven inches in diameter. They feed on algae and are predated upon by other marine animals such as sea otters and eels.
Ochre Sea Star (Pisaster ochraceus): A purple starfish that has become widely known in scientific literature because of its proposed role as a keystone species . It is common in the Pacific Ocean and has five rays, which range from four to ten inches in length.
The kingdom Animalia is one of six kingdoms of life that include every living organism. It is part of an overall classification system that defines life in terms of evolutionary history. Organisms that fall into the animal kingdom share the characteristics of having eukaryotic cells which contain discrete organelles, and the animals are multi-cellular and do not have a cell wall. In general most animals, and all listed here, are able to move and require organic material in order to survive. Most use sperm and egg cells in order to reproduce .
The cheetah is a feline (family Felidae), while the red fox is canine (family Canidae). The red fox is a common species, and is considered a threat to many native species, while the cheetah ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Scientific Taxonomy and Earths Biodiversity Paper Essay)
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Starting off from the 1980s the authors study the rate of biodiversity loss and the effect that it has heard as well as possible further consequences. From the study, some of the resultant aftermaths of the loss of biodiversity include lack of efficiencies by
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The Gentiles form of classification has two dimensions namely the environment context and the function of the action aspect (Millsla, n.d). The performance environment is further divided into two main categories that include the open and the closed environment.
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sity in the area not only promotes the existence of the local businesses, but also acts as attraction for tourism thus help in boosting the net income of the county, a fact that is important for the livelihood of the residents of the area (Chivian, pp. 63-91). The existence of
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It could also be a change in the weather distribution around conditions found to be averaging to some specific value. The change in the climate could be caused by factors including the processes that are oceanic, solar radiation variation incident to the earth, volcanic eruptions, human-induced alterations on nature, as well as plate tectonics.
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This taxonomic system involved the organization of species in a hierarchical manner, usually based on similarities in how they look and their behavioral traits, which mostly expressed evolutionary relationships though not always so. But the one problem with this kind of classification is that each group needs to have a suffix that would denote its position in the hierarchy, which means that any re-classification of names or discovery of new species leads to a cascade-effect of renaming entire taxonomic groups.
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This can support application of practices and theories using the hierarchy of learning process or taxonomy (Bloom et.al., 1956). Experts explained that knowledge on healthcare are primarily delivered through education from learning institutions where rigorous learning process are attained by reading nursing books which could be a complex combination of sciences and literatures supporting theories, models and approaches on health care management (Bloom et.al., 1956).
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Name: Instructor’s name: Subject: Date of submission: Biodiversity Biodiversity is a term that is used to refer to multiple levels of biological organization (Alkemade, Shrestha, and Trisurat 13). These include genetic, species and ecological diversity. The protection of biodiversity is a means of conservation.
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The article "Fueling Our Transportation Future" (Heywood 60) examines four ways to lower dependence on oil and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from cars and trucks. These four options are: improving vehicle technology,
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The policy strategies are supposed to be reviewed for the process of biodiversity to be effective. Assessment depends on the reliable evidence and comprises of the results of monitoring to detect and quantify the climatic changes which are occurring from time to time.
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