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Biology and Stem Cells - Article Example

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This paper declares that stem cells can be considered as one of the most important biological entity of the present generation due to the potentialities that can present in the field of medicine.  Stem cells can be defined as the cells that are undeveloped or not yet specialized. …
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Biology and Stem Cells
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Download file to see previous pages The embryonic stem cells (ESC) can be described as pluripotent which means that the cells can form any type of specialized cell. In addition, ESC can be considered as more widespread and ubiquitous as compared to the nonembryonic stem cells (non-ESC). The main source of ESC is the inner cell mass of blastocyst which is formed within a few days of the fertilization of egg which will develop into the fetus.
The use and importance of the ESC had been recognized and thus the ESC line had been established in 1998 from an embryo. These ESC lines are created to be able to provide sources for the extraction of undifferentiated cells for application in the medical field. Aside from the extraction of ESC from embryos, there is an alternative manner of producing such cells. In the process known as the ‘nuclear transfer’ or therapeutic cloning, the nonphysiological ESC lines are produced.
The nonembryonic stem cells, also referred to as non-ESC, are “multipotent” due to the restricted function in terms of differentiation and development into specialized cell types. The main sources of non-ESC are adults, specifically, the bone marrow thus referred to as the adult stem cells. The non-ESC can be classified as hemopoietic and mesenchymal stem cells. Hemopoietic stem cells can develop into the different types of blood cells. The mesenchymal stem cells are less differentiated compared to the other type. In addition to bone marrow sources, other sources are nose, muscle, liver, skin, brain, and eye (esp. retina and limbus). It is important to consider that although from adult source, stem cells are derived from comparatively less developed tissue sources. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Biology and Stem Cells Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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