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Critique of the Formal and Informal Piece in Architecture - Research Paper Example

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The paper "Critique of the Formal and Informal Piece in Architecture" states that architecture of the Burj-ul-Arab has been critics with respect to wealth and luxuriousness. e.g. “Except for the two tiny clues to the wealth inside it is all very modest and decent”…
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Download file to see previous pages The purpose of the sorting is to divert the audiences’ attention from playing it as a game to considering the architecture in it. This challenges the status of the environment used in the game as a level since the buildings in the game have become the focus of attention. The architects have given opinions on the design as well as the kind of materials that have been used for the construction of buildings in the video games.
Considering the purposefulness of the article, it can be doubted that the article does not serve the interest of the audience that the Journal is primarily meant for i.e. the architects. From the language used in the article, it can be estimated that it is meant for the students and professionals of Architecture alike. “Tetris can teach us all a lesson in dimensional co-ordination and rotational symmetry” (Patel, 2009). The context was not quite appropriate. If any such sorting was supposed to be carried out, students and professionals in the field of Architecture would have appreciated more if real buildings had been sorted rather than the ones in the video games. Although the study of architecture through video games is a cost-effective way of study, yet it is not quite meaningful as the intent of the developers of the video games was not architecture but fun. Critiquing something on a certain basis for which it was not originally meant is inappropriate. Nevertheless, if this aspect is overlooked, the critique is quite professional in its content and language. The architects have been very rational in their identification of the drawbacks in architecture introduced in the games. e.g. “Pagoda roofs sit atop concrete-clad high-density housing towers as a nod to both ancient Eastern building practices and prefabricated modular buildings in the West” (Patel, 2009).  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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