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Lloyds Bank Building and the Northern Rock Building - Essay Example

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In the paper “Lloyds Bank Building and the Northern Rock Building” the author contrasts and compares the two images of the Lloyds Bank building in Wolverhampton and the Northern Rock building, which clearly represent very different architectural periods and styles…
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Lloyds Bank Building and the Northern Rock Building
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Extract of sample "Lloyds Bank Building and the Northern Rock Building"

Download file to see previous pages The pillars have connotations of classical antiquity, while the carvings are reminiscent of an age when craftsmanship was valued and used as a demonstration of wealth and success. Ordinary buildings like homes and shops did not have these features, and they were reserved for the aristocracy and for civic buildings, imparting an air of authority and “establishment”. This is the origin of the rather conservative cultural meaning that the building conveys (Rotenberg, 1993).
 Quite apart from these historic features of the Lloyds bank building, there are also distinctive visual elements which convey meanings to the observer. The building is taller than it is broad, which suggests a towering presence that dwarfs the viewer. The implication is that the bank is both strong and dominant, providing a stable, if somewhat stern, or even forbidding presence on the high street. The rather narrow door is brought slightly forward of the main building and set to the left, with a series of steps leading up to it. This suggests that entry to the bank is a privilege granted only to those who are worthy to climb the steps and enter its narrow frame. The entrance is dark and reveals nothing of the interior. This increases the mystery of the institution for the uninitiated, and the feeling of privilege for insiders, and this illustrates the contested nature of meaning when it comes to architectural spaces (Gieryn, 2000).
 The bank’s name is positioned in modestly proportioned uppercase letters above the door as if to emphasize the act of entering this special portal. There is no distraction or adornment to the name, which is allowed to stand as the main advertising feature of the whole building. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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