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Pyramids - Essay Example

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The structures are monumental and historical in the ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. The pyramids became famous due to their use in the Egyptian history. However, it is argued that pyramids may have…
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Download file to see previous pages Egypt is one of the countries that witnessed civilization in the early period. The pyramid in Egypt demonstrated progress in science, mathematics, and technology in the past. At this period, human society was considered to have little or no progress. The construction of the pyramids is not well documented, but it is believed to have taken many years to complete (Morris 97). It is also believed that the Hebrews did the initial work. The largest of these pyramids, the great pyramid contains more than 2 million limestone blocks put together to form an iconic structure. The pyramid rises from a rectangular base and is the size of nearly eight football fields and slopes at an uniform angle of 51 degrees to meet at a peak more than 4500 feet above the base. The technology that assisted this construction remains a great mystery. The most marveling thing was the calculation and ability to construct a structure that weighed more than six tones (Allen 313).
The precursors of the pyramids are believed to be the mastabas, flat-roofed structures carved from rock that were used as royal tombs. These tombs were developed to keep the embalmed bodies of kings and rulers of the empire (Allen 313). With time, the mastabas were improved with mud bricks and raised to become shrines for the communities. What followed was the replacement of the mud bricks with curved limestone layers, and a height of 204 feet was first achieved. Architect Imhotep, who was also priest and healer, is accredited with the idea and calculations involved in the construction (Watson 245).
Pyramids are also said to have been built as tombs for the kings and pharaohs. The size of the pyramids depended on how the leaders were revered in the society. It is said that construction begun upon accent of leader in power and continued to be built in the reign of the leader. Therefore, the size of the pyramid depended on the number of years one stayed in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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