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Charles Darwin fits into the story of the forgery as just fifty years before the discovery of the fossil skull at Piltdown town, he published a theory of evolution which stated that all living things were descendants of a common ancestry and that human beings…
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You can decide
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"You can decide"

Download file to see previous pages fected the atmosphere surrounding the hoax, as with the discovery of fossils found in countries like Germany and France, and the recent publishing of Darwin’s theory of evolution kept scientists very curious to see what new fossil regarding man’s existence would suffice.
8. Woodward was an eminent geologist who accompanied Dawson to Piltdown town in order to visit the site where the fossil skull was found. They dug the site where the skull was found and found the remains of prehistoric animals, stone age tools and an ape-like jaw bone with human-like teeth that seemed to link to the skull that was initially found at the site.
11. The significance of the canine tooth that was found was to eliminate all forms of doubt that came with the reconstruction of the ancient skull by Woodward. If the canine matched its size in accordance with the jaw that was found, Smith would be able to endorse his predictions.
12. The second Piltdown man was found just two miles from where the first Piltdown man was found and was discovered by Dawson. The second find was very significant as it acted as proof of the first finding and also helped enforce how genuine the first find was.
13. Kenneth Oakley was a scientist working at London’s Natural History Museum. Kenneth was the man who applied chemical tests on the fossils so as to help authenticate and date the fossils and whose test rendered the fossils as fake as they were much younger than was expected.
14. The jaw and the canine tooth were believed to have been forged. The jaw was believed to have maybe been an orangutan’s and the teeth had simply been filed flat so as to disguise them, and the canine tooth appeared to have been crudely filed in a hurry and colored with paint.
15. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle passed by the digging site where the fossils were discovered while on his golfing rounds, and the possibility of him planting some of the fossils that were found acted as evidence of his involvement in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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You Can Decide Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words - 1.
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