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Next-Door Anthropology - Essay Example

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This study was conducted in Mission Viejo community that includes condos and homes of guarded gates of major communities of Palma and Casta Del Sol of the southern California. This community has unique features such as picturesque, safe neighborhood and is known to be rich in…
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Next-Door Anthropology
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"Next-Door Anthropology"

Download file to see previous pages The setting of this community did not only ease access, but also the arrangement of homesteads and structures allowed maneuvering into the remote Places. This was very important as the objective of the study entailed larger coverage and an all-inclusive Participation. With all these in account, backed by the willing to respond members of the community, the region Proved to be compatible with the entire needs of this sociocultural research.
The community is said to be one of the best master Planned Particularly Popular due to its organized commercial centers and high qualities offered in relation to its residents. It also has well renowned beautiful Parks and lake views that depict the level of interactions and associations within the commonplaces. All these parameters were very important since the ethnographic study majored on social inclusions and exclusion of community members. Moreover, the standards of living in the world class community of the Orange County have inevitably created a social stratification that results to differentials in living standards of the various social classes (Bunyan 56).
The community has a unique ethnic background specifically due to their well-structured organizational level. The safety of the community is on the higher note since their members always do not leave the city for outside recreational activities. Every person treasures their own natural endowment that creates a culture of reference to their home resources. The residents have spirited lifestyle of recreation that is not learnt, but pegged on ethnic background. Additionally, the community shows a sense of togetherness and civic pride that leads to social, cultural, and ethnic activities that are shared amongst all members. In essence, this research was objected to study how the ethnic aspect is organized through variables such us age, sex, race, and educational ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Next-Door Anthropology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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