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Hotel Rwanda - Admission/Application Essay Example

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While the gruesome massacres took place, Rwanda was on its own as the world, save for the United Nations Peacekeeping forces that…
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Hotel Rwanda
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"Hotel Rwanda"

Download file to see previous pages This paper will discuss ethics and morals as the anthropological themes that the movie conveys in Paul’s character.
When the role of Paul is examined and analyzed from a cultural perspective, it is seen that when a person’s responsibilities are varied in situations of ethical dilemma, the consequences can be life-changing. As a professional hotelier, Paul’s priorities were first personal, then family and the community. Through his professional identity that he had curved out over time, he had excelled in all the three aspects. However, when the genocide began, Paul found himself in a serious ethical dilemma; he was a Hutu, but his wife was a Tutsi, the tribe targeted in the genocide by the majority Hutus. Then, he chose to provide security to his neighbors by harboring them in his hotel, which was a direct risk to his job. Paul’s character is not silhouetted against the genocide, but he is conspicuous as the only Hutu against the killing of the Tutsis. That is the aspect that brings out the theme of ethics strongly (Marley 3). The representative of the UN Peacekeeping forces, the body that is morally responsible for intervention in such circumstances, notifies his superiors of the happenings but he is ignored. Paul also notifies his hotel’s corporate headquarters in Belgium, but they are not concerned about their franchise in Rwanda. Paul and the UN representative vary their roles in the interests of morality and decide to save the lives of more than 1,000 people, forming the movie’s theme.
The strategy by the producers to focus on Paul and the UN Peacekeeping forces representative contributed more positively to the direction of the theme than was perhaps expected by the viewer. Viewed in another way, a movie cannot detail one million killings, but it can more effectively be based on how two people responded to the killings. As a Hutu who was safe ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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