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Enculturation - Essay Example

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It presupposes that in certain situations people are expected to show certain values and behaviors which they learn direct and indirectly from other people in their society. One of…
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Download file to see previous pages I was not a little kid, and my mother did not need to say that grandpa would not come to play with me. I became very sad, and my mother openly talked with me and explained that when our closest people died, they went to a better place. It was difficult for me to believe that grandpa was actually dead. It was the first time I experienced death in my family circle. I had seen death in cartoon and movies, but it was so distant that I had no idea how to cope with feelings related to the loss. Discussion with my mother helped me to understand that our closest people stayed with us in our memories even when they died. She comforted me and showed that she also was sad. Perhaps, her understanding was more helpful than words in that situation.
When grandpa died, the atmosphere in our family changed. Parents did not laugh or spent their days as usual. They also wore more black clothing items to show that they were mourning. They were involved in the preparation for funerals and had to arranged many things. The organization of the funeral had to be fast and perfect, so my parents paid much attention to it. I had already observed many things related to the formal part of the funeral, so I did not require additional explanations concerning my behavior.
I had more problems with coping with death emotionally. It was difficult to express the feeling of loss because it was so deep. My parents told me that during the funerals people were not expected to hide their feelings. On the contrary, the whole procedure was designed to expressed their sadness. From the movies and observations I had already known that people would be sad; some of them would cry. Being 10 years old, I understood how I was expected to behave during the funeral. Even though some of our relatives arrived with kids, it was not the right place to discuss something or play.
All people who arrived at the funeral were dressed in black or dark ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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