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Morphology and Behaviour of White-handed gibbon, Grey Titi Monkey and the Gorilla - Essay Example

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This essay gives an overview of what the reporter observed of some primates in the zoo. Specifically, the reporter describes the observed morphology and behavior of white-handed gibbon, grey titi Monkey, and the gorilla. This would be related to the terminologies learned in class…
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Morphology and Behaviour of White-handed gibbon, Grey Titi Monkey and the Gorilla
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Morphology and Behaviour of White-handed gibbon, Grey Titi Monkey and the Gorilla

Download file to see previous pages... They are mainly frugivorous, mainly feeding on ripe fruit from tropical trees and woody climbers. Flowers, leafy plants and insects form part of their food. Where territories overlap, food sources are shared. Their behavior involves intraspecific communication, using vocalization which consists of duetting between breeding females and males. A territoriality function, the duets serve as signals to neighbors posing threats. As they are arboreal, the physical and vocal interactions during the retreat to sleeping trees for the minimization of predator risk. Mostly monogamous, they live in groups of 2 to 6 and a female produces a single offspring approximately every 3.5 years.
About a rabbit’s size, they are medium-sized to small primates. Prehensility is absent in their bodies, and are also not sexually dimorphic, exhibiting the difference between males and females. Body coloration and pelage includes a seemingly shaggy fur. Dorsal surfaces of some species often have a lighter shade in contrast to the rest of the body, while some have a fairly uniform color. Sometimes, the tail is in contrast to the rest of the body, with some species having ear tufts that contrast. It moves quadrupedally and also by leaping.
Predominantly frugivorous, they mainly feed on plants and eat numerous species of plants and fruits. Primatologists have named them as strongly omnivorous, feeding on both plants and flesh including butterflies, moths, spiders, cocoons, and ants. They are diurnal, remaining awake and active until sunset. Gron notes that titi monkeys avoid other primates if possible, as they are often chased from food sources by the larger sympatric primates.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Morphology and Behaviour of White-Handed Gibbon, Grey Titi Monkey and Essay - 1)
“Morphology and Behaviour of White-Handed Gibbon, Grey Titi Monkey and Essay - 1”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/anthropology/1633978-writer-decide.
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