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Tylor, an English Anthropologist described culture is the set of belief, morals, custom, knowledge, and any other habits acquired by a human as a member of society (“Human culture: What is Culture” 1). Many cultures in the different parts of Africa and…
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Download file to see previous pages t who works for the National Institute of Health at Maryland expressed her views as a proponent of female circumcision in an interview with Richard Shewder, a professor of University of Chicago. (“Disputing the myth of sexual dysfunction” 1).
Why has a long-standing African custom created a tense atmosphere in the west; is it a moral or political issue? It might be both, however; it is an obvious issue in the area of health care in a multicultural western society where clinicians’ ethics dramatically differ from circumcised women patients’ belief. Ms. Ahmadu expressed her views on this issue in the context of cultural and moral concept, through analyses of medical reports, and by challenging western opponents’ concern about sexual dysfunction of circumcised women. Ms. Ahmadu was born in the Kono ethnic group, which is the eastern part of Sierra Leone, where both male and female circumcisions are celebrated as transition from boyhood to manhood and girlhood to womanhood (“Disputing the myth of sexual dysfunction” 1). Kono ethnic group believes that foreskin of male genital organ symbolizes femininity and exposed clitoris depicts male sexual organ; that is why, removal of both are required for masculinization and feminization of male and female body respectively (“Disputing the myth of sexual dysfunction” 1). The above set forth statement demonstrates both moral and logical concept of Kono society regarding this issue. Ms. Ahmadu also mentioned about some other cultural concepts of this tradition. For example, female circumcision represents matriarchal power, and male circumcision represents separation of matriarchy and patriarchy while reminding the male population that mothers after God are the natural origins of all human creation, culture, and society (“Disputing the myth of sexual dysfunction” 1). She emphasizes that this ritual practices a tradition; does not oppress female sex and sexuality of African Women (“Disputing the myth ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words - 5.
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